Curriculum Vitae

Jack Chang

Inventor Entrepreneur Technologist

Over 30 years of business, marketing, banking and technology experience across multiple industries and disciplines. Mr. Chang has built companies and technologies that have had a profound impact on consumers, businesses and society.

notable technologies

inventions & contributions


Mr. Chang is the inventor of the ATM (Automated Teller Machine)


Bank Cards

Pioneer on encoding, embossing and use of the bank credit and debit cards

Electronic funds transfer systems

He was the inventor, earliest developer and provider of ATM funds disbursement, electronic payment, interchange and settlement networks that are the genesis of networks such as Plus, Cirrus, Star, etc.

Intelligent in-bank teller platform

Pioneer of PC-based intelligent in-bank teller and platform systems

International Prepaid Debit

Cards Early developer and provider of Prepaid Debit Cards on an international scale


Mr. Chang has been an Investment Banker and trustee for worldwide humanitarian organizations and heritage foundations

Business Experience

ENTREPRENEURIAL & Corporate pursuits


He was the President of a Citicorp company and Chief Marketing Officer of the corporate, responsible for worldwide marketing and sales of Citicorp banking products and services

Serial Entrepreneur

Mr. Chang has been the founder of multiple innovative high-tech and marketing companies, brought them to revenue prominence & then engineered the M&A or IPO of these companies.

global strategic advisor

He had also served as top executive & strategic advisor to global companies, such as Citibank, Bank of America, American Express, Visa, EDS, Unisys, Coca-Cola Enterprises, etc.

Banking & Investment Partner

Joint ventures and alliances with investment, commercial and retail banking firms and payment system processors in U.S., Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Middle East to develop/market payment system products.


2004 - present

One Debit Associates

Founder & Corporate Director

Mr. Chang as a founder of One Debit Associates ( of United States, has the responsibilities of business development and marketing. Mr. Chang is a pioneer of prepaid debit cards, specializing on the International Prepaid Debit Cards, which are cross-border electronic payment bank accounts that can be issued to residents of more than 200 countries in the world.

One Debit worked with 6 payment system processors and 20 international banks in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, is now one of the largest prepaid debit card providers in the world; its client base consists of more than 180 corporate and retail operations worldwide, including many Global 2000 companies.

In addition to International Prepaid Debit Cards, One Debit also offers an electronic wallet (eWallet) funds aggregation, repository and transfer systems and international merchant account processing services. Other adjunct and complementary products and services include cardholder benefit programs, prepaid wireless plans and devices.

2007 - present

MP Trust, Inc

Trustee & Investment banking officer

Operation of this Trust spans globally from U.S. to Europe and Asia. The Trust pledges to fund and support multiple humanitarian foundations. Mr. Chang is heavily involved in Investment, commercial and retail Banking activities for the Trust and is currently chartered to build a global banking and payment system infrastructure for the Trust.

1999 - present

Global-Vision, Inc


In 1999, Mr. Chang decided to be involved heavily with the Internet and wireless technologies and re-incorporated his operation as Global-Vision. The software products developed under the Global-Vision banner include:

High volume Laser printer control systems that can increase the printing speed and reduce the need for font and image management for most print processes.

Developed an overall knowledge management system that combined the need for paper printing, Electronic Bill Presentment, information archiving and viewing.

An advanced Internet/intranet authoring tool that can be used to create not only sophisticated Web sites but also intelligent business process workflow systems.

In early 2000, Global-Vision began working on wireless bank payment system with Nippon Columbia, which represents an alliance of Hitachi, Sanyo Electric, Fujitsu and Infineon/Siemens. The result of the completed collaboration resulted in Global-Vision's acquisition of marketing rights of a wireless banking semiconductor chip containing a smart card computer, a cryptographic engine and high-density storage.

1991 - 1998

International Shared Solutions, inc


ISS was a technology and business consulting company. To enhance its consulting activities, ISS developed, in 1991, a BPR (Business Process Re-design) tool that can analyze business processes and make redesign recommendations.

Mr. Chang and his team of technical and business professionals performed business process re-design and management and technology consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. Assignments included:

Five year strategic operations and technology plan for the formation of NationsBank

A secure Internet-based credit card transaction system for Visa

Smart Card marketing and deployment strategy for VeriGem (Joint venture of Verifone and Gemplus)

Product market strategy for VeriFone, the POS maker

Electronic payment system marketing and deployment strategy for Unisys

Intelligent intranet system for Coca Cola Enterprises

Enterprise network strategies for Deluxe Checks and Ceridian Employer Services

Data security plans for Deluxe Checks and Ceridian Employer Services

Internet browser-based payroll data submission system for Ceridian

Wireless strategies for EDS

1987 - 1990

Itac Corp


For connectivity for the developed Windows applications, Itac also developed and marketed one of the earliest LAN-gateway systems capable of easy connection of LANs to NCR and Unisys mainframes, as well as IBM host systems.

In 1989, using the applications generator and LAN-gateway, Itac created, marketed and installed one of the earliest PC-based bank teller and platform systems. In 1990, Olivetti Business Systems, then the second largest teller/platform system provider, acquired the product line from Itac.

1984 - 1987



From 1984 to 1987, Mr. Chang was the head of a Citicorp company with global marketing and sales responsibilities. His responsibilities included evaluating the services, assets and intellectual properties of various Citicorp operating entities for potential revenue opportunities then develop plans and implementations to effect the opportunities. The revenue generation plans include design and or implementing innovative service delivery infrastructures, such as encryption, satellite and wireless networks.

His marketing and sales endeavors required him to organize and manage a team of U.S. based marketing managers and sales representative as well as to coordinate sales activities with regional Citicorp representatives in five continents of North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. During this period he traveled extensively to close major sales and interacted with high-placed prospective executives of Global 1000 companies.

1977 - 1984

quadstar corp


In 1977, he was offered a consulting assignment to design and develop an electronic payment transaction switching and processing system for American Express. He also developed plans and implemented systems mostly for banks and credit card processing service providers.

In 1980, U.S. began a banking deregulation. Mr. Chang saw an opportunity to be the first to develop and supply, by 1981, a multi-bank ATM/POS transaction authorization and settlement systems. Within three years, Quadstar grew to 150 employees and sold the electronic banking network system to more than 100 financial institutions worldwide. In 1984, he sold Quadstar to Citicorp, then Quadstar’s largest customer.

1969 - 1977

docutel corp

In early 1970’s he started worked for Docutel Corporation. Starting out as an electronic engineer, he became a project manager then Director of research and Development and then Major Account Sales.

He was involved and was responsible in the development of most of Docutel’s products during his tenure. Since 1974, he participated and directly involved with the sales of hundreds of ATMs, including hundreds of travelers check dispensers to American Express. He was also instrumental in the sale of over 1,000 ATMs in Europe.


Purdue University

BS Medical Electronics

Southern Methodist University

MBA Marketing & Sales

University of Texas

PHD Studies & Instructor Management Science